Difference Between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels

barcode being magnifiedWith the growth of technology, the industry of label manufacturing has grown into a complex business. Read on to learn more about the difference between a thermal transfer and a direct thermal label.

Custom Thermal Transfer Labels

The technology behind the manufacturing of thermal transfer labels involves the use of a thermal ribbon. The thermal transfer ribbon melts and transfers the front side of the ribbon to the label material. This then creates the image that is printed on the label. Thermal transfer labels come with a back-coating that increases the print head life by reducing static and friction.

Direct Thermal Thermals

In order to create a direct thermal label, you will need heat sensitive label material because the print head directly touches the material. The heat from the print head elements then causes a change in color to the material which creates a printed image.

Both styles of labels garner great results but there are some risks when using the direct thermal style. If there is any dust or other particles on the print head, the picture might not be as clear or might even damage the print head.

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